Best Fortnite latest live event in 2022

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Get Ready For Fortnite latest live event

A massive battle was held today at Fortnite latest live event that included a huge mech and also some clues about what’s to come in the next season of Fortnite. If you didn’t get the thrill of the rollercoaster event, look over what happened in the video below.

Prior to the event starting correctly, the participants were taken to what seemed to be a frozen-over space station and were able to play with huge guns to rid the station of the asteroids that surrounded the station while listening characters such as Agent Jones and The Origin chat over a speaker. Then, they were given an assignment: stop the powerful weapon that would eliminate all inhabitants of the island.

About Fortnite latest live event

It’s revealed that that space station actually had an enormous mech ( one that looks like a familiar one) that moved to Island to fight the forces of the enemy. The mech wasn’t controlled by players in its entirety, but instead controlled turrets in order to take out blimps, tanks as well as other forces. The beginning moments of the game were played out like an arcade-style game, featuring beautiful cutscenes amid the action, along with periodic events that were quick-time to perform tasks like healing the mech, or to whip out an enormous laser sword.

The mech eventually was destroyed, triggering an on-foot invasion which Jones took players through a string of combats focused around the unknown Zero Point that has been the center for Fortnite legend for many decades. This resulted in a fight between the player and Doctor Slone — who appears to have become the game’s primary antagonist and the mech ended up saving the day. The episode culminated in Jones as well as The Foundation — a character voiced by Dwayne Johnson — launching to the Zero Point to fight… Well it’s not clear what occurred.

Fortnite latest live event

At present, players be waiting to discover what’s next. Fortnite is currently in the middle of the next season. However, there are some clues as to what’s coming. One time during the live event Darth Vader made a brief appearance in the fight against Obi-Wan and the “to be continued” …” loading screen shows what seems to be a woodland filled of bioluminescent plant life. Fortnite developer Epic in the meantime is streaming the loading screen to some relaxing music.

Best Fortnite latest live event in 2022
Best Fortnite latest live event in 2022


The event today was the latest of the midst of what’s become a fundamental element in your Fortnite experience. The live events that are exclusive to Fortnite started with the launch of a rocket in the year 2018 in the year before, and have featured everything from an encounter with Galactus and the invasion of aliens to an all-consuming black-hole. The current chapter of the game began with a similar event in which the entire island of battle royale turned upside down in December.

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