Why Do People Take Cbd Oil For Anxiety?

In this short post we will discuss why people are taking CBD oil for anxiety and what brand we’d suggest trying

Anxiety is a mental affliction of our fast-paced lives that a good majority of us experience. Personal life, work, career, money and health are some of the main causes of anxiety which can throw us off balance at a moment’s notice, out of the blue.  

While there are numerous suggestions as to how to avoid or mitigate a bout of anxiety, cannabis has proven to be quite promising in alleviating stress, anxiety, depression and many other emotional ailments of modern lifestyle.

Better known as CBD here in the UK, one of the main medicinal compounds of cannabis, many people are turning to CBD products to help them relax and reduce their anxiety. 

Types of CBD Oils

CBD oils (often found in a tincture or a spray) are edible cannabis food items that you consume via your mouth. They are the simplest to administer and do not require any additional tool or equipment. You simply dropper the CBD oil underneath your tongue, wait for about a minute and then swallow.  If, however, you would prefer to vape your CBD, you will need to find a CBD oil made specifically for vaping called a CBD vape oil

How does CBD oil work for anxiety?

As said, numerous people are now taking CBD for their anxiety in the UK. This is because experts believe that CBD may help in bringing declining levels of serotonin  up. (Low levels of serotonin is the main reason for stress, anxiety and depression.

What’s the ideal CBD dosage for anxiety?

CBD works differently for everyone and it all depends on an individual ’s habits, lifestyle, diet and  mental state. 

So the most recommended CBD dosage for anxiety and maximum benefits vary from person to person. For an experienced CBD user, a low dosage might not be that effective but the same dosage might be strong enough for someone who’s new to the cannabis scene. 

In the UK, where all CBD products contain less than 0.2% THC (the main psychotropic compound of cannabis), CBD oils may contain upto 10% of CBD content for mild but effective results. 

One of the best CBD oils for my anxiety is Paso. Launched in 2018, Paso has been selling all kinds of legal CBD products across Europe. 

Among their wide range of CBD products is their CBD oils that you can buy in the form of sprays and drops. Available in 3 flavours- natural hemp, mint and orange, they maintain upto 10% of CBD and are totally THC free as well vegan friendly. 

Click here to check them out and let us know what you think.

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